Hey there!

I'm Minna Marsh.

I can help you with your goal.



Hey there!

I'm Minna.

I can help you with your goal.


From failing to focused 

No matter what your life situation, you can find the clarity and strength to build a life that works for you.

I've helped thousands of people to create a better mindset so that they feel better and do better. I can help you change your mindset, clear your energy and get super focused, so you can move forward with your inner or outer goals.

When your mind changes, your energy changes and you can develop new habits. And THAT is how you best accomplish your goals. I'll be by your side throughout the transformation process as you do the work on you, with my in-depth guidance and support.

17 years as a coach

I am Finland's first Mental Coach. In 2007 I created the job of my dreams for myself and still going. It's been such a rich journey.

  • 40 different sports, including ice hockey
  • CEOs and big companies
  • Children and teens
  • A wide range of adults who want help with their goals – any goal, really 

I've developed a wide array of coaching tools for the benefit of my clients.

Customized Therapy

As a certificated Clinical Hypnotherapist I often combine methods from coaching and hypnotherapy, because IT WORKS.

As a client you can always choose whether you want hypnotherapy or rather stick with coaching only. I can also help you make that decision.

Tell me about your situation and I'll see how I could best be of help for you.



Mental Coaching and hypnotherapy can help you with

looping negative thoughts | emotional baggage | stress reduction | focus and concentration | self-esteem | self-confidence | fears and phobias | stage fright | trauma | chronic pain | sport performance | career choices | addictions | weight loss | insomnia | relationships | courage | creativity

Personal development is the same as spiritual growth. It's not about religion. It's about the inner work that we are meant to do. All of us, eventually.

We are designed to start dealing with our sh*t. That's the way forward.

What My Clients Say

"I no longer "have to win" or succeed by someone else's standards. I live in the moment and do my very best. The results speak for themselves."

– Professional Basketball Player

"During desperate hours I most miss my best friend. Thank you for teaching me how to be the best friend to myself."

– Client with high level of anxiety

"Our nerves calmed down and we won gold, even though the situation was difficult to begin with."

– Team, Gymnastics

"Forever grateful for you. An opportunity and a lighthouse in the sea of my life in the middle of a storm."

– Client in crisis

"I learned how to focus in a competitive situation without worrying whether I was going to fall."

– Hurdler

"Hypnotherapy and coaching taught me how to sleep better. I still use the hypnotic recording during stressful times."

– Project Manager

"Minna trained me to think in new and better ways. Therefore I re-found my long lost motivation. I also learned how to focus on what matters."

– Fencer

"Everything I learned in coaching now follows me to new stressful situations.

It's like having a horse whisperer beside me. Minna is an actor whisperer."

– Professional Actor

"I got help in a stressful situation after a bad break-up. My self-esteem improved and life continued."

– Female, 30s

"This is something you need to experience yourself. Working with Minna helped me to get laser focused and reach my next level professionally."

– Coach in Sales, Canada

"Minna Marsh is a professional mental coach. I can warmly recommend her services."

– Marko Jantunen, Former NHL Player

"I got my game going in a much better way and fast, thanks to Minna. This led to bigger arenas abroad where I played for a long time."

– Professional Hockey Player

"Minna is able to share her strength with you. It's contagious."

– Client with fears, 50

"I found the strength to leave an abusive marriage."

– Client at the end of a bad phase

"Minna Marsh is a pioneer and a true expert in mental coaching."

– Jukka Rautakorpi, Professional Hockey Coach, Finland

"Be brave and contact Minna. Your life may change!"

– CEO, Construction

"I gained self-awareness with my thinking and neuroses. I started to use new thought patterns consistently and my overall life improved."

– Professional Soccer Player

"I have a successful career, but I needed help with stage fright. Now I can concentrate better and deliver in front of big audiences."

– Human Relations Director

“Minna has been coaching me for over a year. Staying in touch has been surprisingly easy in many shifting situations. I’ve hold myself accountable and really wanted to see change take place in my life. I’m now better equipped to choose what and how I THINK. I got out of a bad relationship and also achieved a lifetime goal.”  

– Female Entrepreneur, 43 

"Minna has a great personality and is the best mental coach in Finland."

– Pasi Kaukoranta, Hockey Coach and Performance Coach

"Minna was a big help, when stress became too much to handle. Swimming had become a source of anxiety for me. Minna was easy to talk to and she really focused on my situation. I was able to set my priorities right and I understood that I don't know owe anyone a good performance. Swimming started to feel like my thing again, and the results in an important competition were beyond expectations."

– 19-year-old Swimmer on a National Level

More about me

The methods I use are based on cognitive psychology, brain studies and common sense. My intuition is usually spot on. I welcome challenges from my clients. I can help you to find the answers that work for you.

California was my home for five years, but I now live in Helsinki. My time in the US has influenced my work in a big way. I don't shy away from difficult cases and the more honest you can be with me and the more humble you can get with yourself, the better the results.

I help you go as deep as it is possible for you, for lasting results.




Still thinking whether this is for you?


My clients pay me for results. 💡

If you are not happy with our first session, you pay NOTHING. Let's connect!



You can reach me easily!

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I work in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. This type of hypnotherapy can be used as a complementary treatment also for anyone with a diagnosed physical or psychological dis-ease.


Hypnotherapy is highly helpful when dealing with negative automatic thinking, weight challenges, smoking, fears, phobias, insomnia, stress, addictions, allergies, IBS,  chronic pain and self-esteem issues. And these are not all!


I can’t hypnotize you to do anything you don’t want to do. You are more likely to feel calm and open for new thoughts and viewpoints. The worst that can happen during hypnosis is that you fall asleep, and even that is not dangerous.


The first session lasts 90 minutes. It includes a thorough interview about your current situation. We’ll also set a goal. I will introduce you to hypnosis, if you are not already familiar with it. During the first session I often guide my client through a hypnotic journey during which you can relax deeply and let go of all unnecessary stress. 


Usually I concentrate on one particular topic for about 2–6 times, with your goal and unique situation in mind. Miracles take place, when your conscious mind relaxes and you start to understand yourself on a deeper level. A better mindset leads to better results in the inner and outer worlds.


I help people who want to be helped. I cannot change anyone, but I can help you change your life and the way you experience the world.

Hypnotherapy is not the best form of therapy for anyone with psychotic tendencies or other imbalances with a weakened sense of reality. 

"My clients pay me for results."